Our Promise

Commitment to Quality

We believe in keeping the highest level of standards to every product we make. Our investment into this promise has lead us to make sure we create effective products that has minimal waste and increased effectivity.

Our commitment to this has lead us to acquiring nothing but the best items to make sure everything we make is the best. From initial creation to product delivery, our items are checked thoroughly with our stringent procedure.

Our QC Equipment

Quick Visual Measurement Machine, X-Ray Florescence Spectrometer, Roughness Meter, 3D Magnetic Vectors Measurement Machine, Vickers Hardness Meter, Roundness Machine, Motor Torque Station, Micro Electric Tension Meter

high-Low Temperature and Humidity Testing Chamber

Source Meter

Salt Spray Testing Machine, High-Low Temperature and ImpactTesting Chamber, Universal Electronic Force Machine

Noise Testing Chamber

Equipment Name Made In
Quick Visual Measurement Machine Japan
X-Ray Flourescence Spectrometer Japan
Roughness Meter Japan
3D Magnetic Vectors Measurement Machine Japan
Vickers Hardness Meter Japan
Roundness Machine Japan
Motor Torque Station Japan



Equipment NameMade In
Micro Electronic Tension MeterJapan
High-Low Temperature and Humidity Testing ChamberTaiwan
Source MeterUSA
Salt Spray Testing MachineChina
High-Low Temperature and Impact Testing ChamberChina
Universal Electronic Force MachineChina
Noise testing ChamberFrance